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Ximena Peralta

Real Estate Advisor - México City 1 55 3222 8732
Ximena Peralta is an experienced Realtor with the greatest personality in Mexico City. Driven by success and love for what she does, she takes pride in providing the best service and value in real estate possible. As a luxury Realtor, her goals include excellent communication skills, total care for her clients and commitment to close every transaction she is invested in. In addition to her primary job functions, Ximena has been recognized by every of her clients for her extraordinary commitment to them.

Ximena specializes in luxury sales and listing primary homes.

Ximena has worked in the real estate industry for many years, gaining experience in closing deals and creating meaningful relationships with her clients. As a seasoned real estate agent, she is passionate about advancing in her career and expanding in other areas like Miami. In addition, she is also 100% involved in the care of her home and family which are number one in her life. Outside of the office, Ximena enjoys traveling the world with her husband and children and spending time with her siblings and parents. Ximena is setting a new standard for how to navigate in a real estate transaction and how to deliver the best clients’ experience when buying a home. Her commitment to the families she works with is changing the way real estate is handled today and raising the bar like it’s never been done before.
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